Society tries to convince us that today’s women are “more liberated” than ever before.
But I believe today’s women are more in “bondage” than anytime in history.
In trying to fit the “one size” fits all mold that society has designed for them,
women are struggling to find their originality and uniqueness. They are so
caught-up in society’s vision of what “constitutes” a woman, one that is unreal
and unreachable, that they are failing to become all God designed them to be.

My hope with Color Your Soul Ministry is to see women set free from the "bondage" of the world
and learn to live in the “liberty” of who they are in Christ Jesus. Jesus is in the business of transforming lives, and through Him, women can find purpose, meaning, and direction.

Leanna Poland 

Leanna has colored the lives of women for over twenty-five years by decorating, organizing, and merchandising their homes and businesses. A few years back, she decided it was time to “decorate”
the souls of women for the Lord.
She began writing a newsletter called “Spiritual Revival”,
wrote a small book called, “The Color of Your Soul” and started “Color Your Soul Ministries.”
She holds certifications in Women’s Study's, Public Speaking, and a Bachelor Degree in
Theology from Newburgh Seminary, along with a Creative Writing Degree.
She is a native of Colorado, and has three children and two grandchildren.


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